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Refrigerator Sanitizer and Purifier
XJ-100 Refrigerator Air Purifier and food sanitizer

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"I wish to compliment you on your refrigerator purifier unit. Its size is deceiving! I had berry problems in that the blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries I get come from South America and have a fungus which grows in a matter of 3 days in the frig. Even an air tight container did not suffice. But in an open container I have no fungus even 4 weeks later. AMAZING! And the cure costs $29.95 and is so small we forget its in the frig."
Dr. J.H., New Jersey



Extremely Effective, even though it isn't a high-density ionizer,

This page is maintained for customers who have purchased this in the past.

  • XJ-100 Refrigerator air purifier reduces odors and food spoilageSignificantly Reduces Food Spoilage. GUARANTEED.
  • Keeps food fresh MUCH longer.
    Pays for itself quickly by the savings in unspoiled food.
  • Eliminates offensive refrigerator smells.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination of food odors in your refrigerator or cooler
  • Deodorizes and Sanitizes
  • Sterilizes, Kills mold and other organisms
  • Oxidizes odors and kills bacteria and molds that cause food decay, keeping food fresh longer.

    Only $39.95



  • Sterilizes your refrigerator once every hour.
  • Breaks down pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.
  • Also good for closets, bathrooms and in vehicles.
  • Status/battery indicator light (LED "winker").
  • Batteries last approx. FIVE months.
  • Creates NO additional odor

What we have found using the XJ-100 in our own refrigerator

We have been "testing" one for several years now, after buying it on a whim. But we were amazed at what it actually did.

 In addition to reducing the "normal" refrigerator odors, to our delight it really does keep food fresh longer, too!

That seems to be especially true with the salad vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, celery, cabbage, and carrots. They seemed to always go bad before we could use them all.

Even liquids like fruit juices, ice tea, etc. remain fresh much longer.

The savings in food that we used to throw out more than pay for the long-lasting batteries.

We believe in this product, like everything else we offer.




Bacteria and mold can grow on food in a refrigerator during storage, causing food decay. And when the food decays, its freshness and nutrition deteriorates. The deterioration of foods result in an offensive odor that is difficult to eradicate. Furthermore, eating decayed food can cause food poisoning with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes can even threaten human life.





Refrigerator air purifier XJ-100

The XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier, compact and exquisitely designed, equipped with a microcomputer to automatically control the running cycle, consumes very low power (only 4 "C" alkaline batteries are needed for 150 days of operation). A single status indicator LED tells you if it's working properly (green flashes), or if it's time to replace the batteries (red flashes).



The XJ-100 Refrigerator Air Purifier is the best "freshness keeper" for the elimination of cross-contamination, mold, and bacteria without causing secondary pollution.


Scientifically speaking:
The XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier kills bacteria, clears away the smell and keeps the foods fresh through strong oxidization of ozone which is able to disintegrate glucose oxidase and dehydogenation oxidase. Ozone causes the change of bacteria structure and metatasis of its energy resulting in its death. Over 96% of assorted microbes such ascolibacillus and bacillus pyocyaneus contaminating the foods are killed within three hours in standard concentration of ozone. Hence, the source of effluvium (offensive smells) in the refrigerator is eradicated and the bacterial contamination of food is prevented. Ozone can also prevent odor cross-contamination among foods by oxidizing and disintegrating organic "stink", removing the offensive odors you smell when you open the refrigerator.


Quick Instructions:

    1. It's short. Really.
    2. Read the part about how to remove it from your refrigerator, so it will last you a long time.
  2. Install 4 "C" Alkaline batteries. They are much cheaper to use.
    1. So-called "HEAVY-DUTY" (non-alkaline) batteries are cheap, but have a much shorter life.
      Alkaline batteries should really be called "heavy duty", and the cheap "Heavy Duty" (carbon-zinc ) cells should be called "Light duty" instead. *
  3. Initially, set the refrigerator air purifier on "HI".
  4. Place it near the back of the top shelf of your refrigerator, facing forward.
  5. After the odors in your refrigerator are gone, it may remain on "LO".
    1. Leaving it on HI permanently is not necessary, and wastes battery life.
  6. There's no need to take it out of the refrigerator unless the light is not flashing green every 15 seconds.
    1. (That either means the batteries need replacement, or the switch is in the OFF position).
    2. (If it is flashing red (that means the batteries are getting low), or not flashing at all, FIRST read about how to remove it from your refrigerator so that it will last you a long time. You have to put it in a Ziploc® bag before you remove it from your fridge to eliminate the chance of internal corrosion damage caused by water condensation. The instruction manual explains how.

We often get longer than 5 months' life out of our batteries in our own XJ-100 Refrigerator Sanitizer, that we have used here for over four years (and counting!).

   * (hint: you can get batteries cheap on eBay)


Manual / Directions

Corrections to the Manufacturer's Instruction Manual Below:

  1. The information about ozone is incorrect. Ozone produced is at virtually undetectable levels. You can verify this for yourself if you wish with this inexpensive ozone detector.
  2. The battery life is incorrect. (after the initial period of running on high) is actually 5 months with our recommended batteries, NOT 3 months as shown.
  3. We have never needed to check the battery voltage the way it says to here. Simply look at the LED indicator every few weeks and see what color it flashes (every 15 seconds)

XJ-100 instruction manual
See the Corrections to these instructions above.


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